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I still carry you around

A moment-by-moment account of the week that changed New York City and me forever.

It takes only two numbers spoken aloud to conjure up a visceral, full-bodied reaction. Talking about “nine/eleven” was simply too difficult while I was in the thick of it. Instead, I sat down at my laptop to document what was happening around me. Not wanting to forget a thing, I detailed seven long days wandering the island, volunteering at the Armory, and circumnavigating downtown. 

Then I stuffed away my story for 20 years. There wasn’t a time when it wasn’t too raw to read it — even by July 2021 — when I finally unearthed my manuscript and decided to share my experiences. This book, I still carry you around, is my personal documentary of a city in crisis.

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Circumnavigating Ground Zero

Excerpts from I still carry you around